1.6 Known Issues & Bug Reporting

 As we previously mentioned, the Photosmith for iPad app and Lightroom plugin are very, very complex pieces of software.  Our iPad app alone weighs in at over a quarter million lines of code!  Although both are constantly under development to help improve our iPad app and Lightroom plugin integration, we're still a tiny team of human coders, and bugs are bound to happen. 

If you notice the Photosmith for iPad app or Lightroom plugin performing poorly and we haven't noted it on our Known Issues Webpage, please do us a huge favor and let us know through our User Support Website at http://support.photosmithapp.com.

 We read and respond to every message we receive from users, often within a couple of hours.  By reporting bugs directly to us, you are doing the Photosmith community a favor by allowing us the opportunity to address areas where our iPad app and/or Lightroom plugin aren’t performing to your expectations. 

Please do not report app issues to Apple’s App Store as a review - we have no method of contacting you to follow up about your issue and this makes our job of troubleshooting very challenging.  Reporting bugs to the App Store is the least-effective way for us to address and fix issues.