User Collections *

A Collection is a group of photos, so a User Collection is a group of photos created and maintained by you. Typically, a User Collection is made up of photos about a certain theme or event.  A User Collection is an organizational tool to help you group photos into smaller, more manageable chunks.

In Photosmith, while in Catalog Mode, tap on the New Collection button to create a new User Collection.  Once created, you can add selected photos to a User Collection by taping and holding on a selected photo or photos, and dragging on top of a specific User Collection.

To perform actions specific to a User Collection like Renaming or Deleting, tap the greater-than symbol to the right of the User Collection name.  This will slide out the User Collection drawer.  Tap the icon again or select another Collection to close the drawer.

Renaming a User Collection

Rename a User Collection by tapping in the text box at the top, and type a new name for the User Collection.

Deleting a User Collection

Deleting a User Collection must be performed manually in both Lightroom and Photosmith.  By design, destructive actions like Deleting photos and Deleting User Collections are never transferred when syncing between Photosmith and Lightroom.

Note: Removing a User Collection will not delete the the individual photos contained within that User Collection. These photos are still located within your Photosmith catalog and can be found in the All Photos Photosmith Collection.

For more information about deleting User Collections in Lightroom, visit Section 4.1.3.

Adding Photos to a User Collection

There are actually two different ways to add photos to a User Collection in Photosmith:
  1. Select, Tap, Drag:  In Grid View, select the photos you want to add to a User Collection.  Then tap and hold on one of the selected photos. You should see the selected photos “collapse” under your finger.  Now drag this group of photos onto the User Collection into which you want them added.
  2. Select, User Collection Drawer:  The second method involves again, selecting the photos you want to add to a User Collection.  Then, tap the greater-than icon (>) associated with the User Collection into which you want them added.  This will slide out a drawer specific to that User Collection.   Near the top of this configuration drawer you will see a button labeled “Add Selected Photos.”

Removing Photos from a User Collection

Making sure you're in Catalog Mode and viewing photos in a User Collection, select the photos you want to remove in Grid View.  Then tap the greater than (>) icon for that User Collection, and at the top of the User Collection drawer,  you should see a button labeled "Remove Selected Photos."  If you're in Loupe View, doing the above will allow you to remove the currently displayed photo from the User Collection.

Smart Collections Workaround

As of Photosmith 3.1 (February, 2014), Smart Collections in Lightroom are not yet supported; but it is a priority for us.  Currently, the easiest workaround is to create a Smart Collection in Lightroom as you would normally, then periodically drag the photos contained in the Smart Collection into a static User Collection in Photosmith's Publish Service.  It's not automatic like Smart Collections, but it does work well.

3. Using the Photosmith for iPad App

  1. 3. Using the Photosmith App
  2. 3.1 Interface Overview
  3. 3.1.1 Grid View
  4. 3.1.2 Loupe View
  5. 3.1.3 Fullscreen View
  6. 3.2 QuickTag Bar
  7. 3.2.1 Photo Rotation
  8. 3.2.2 Color Labels
  9. 3.2.3 Star Ratings
  10. 3.2.4 Flags (Pick/Reject)
  11. 3.2.5 Deleting Photos in Photosmith
  12. 3.2.6 Deleting Many Photos at Once in Photos.app in iOS 7
  13. 3.3 Catalog Mode
  14. 3.3.1 Importing Photos into Photosmith
  15. Importing Photos into Photosmith from iPad Albums / Camera Roll
  16. Importing & Exporting Photos Using iTunes
  17. 3.3.2 Sync with Lightroom
  18. 3.3.3 Collections
  19. Photosmith Collections
  20. User Collections *
  21. 3.3.4 Activity Center
  22. 3.3.5 Filters Bar
  23. Filters
  24. Sort
  25. Smart Groups
  26. All, Invert, None
  27. 3.4 (Metadata) Tagging Mode
  28. 3.4.1 Adding & Editing Metadata in Tagging Mode
  29. 3.4.2 Adding, Editing & Deleting Keywords *
  30. 3.4.3 Adding, Editing & Deleting Metadata Presets *
  31. 3.5 Export Mode
  32. 3.5.1 Export to Dropbox *
  33. 3.5.2 Export to Facebook *
  34. 3.5.3 Export to Flickr *
  35. 3.5.4 Export to Email *
  36. 3.5.5 Export to iPad Album *
  37. 3.5.6 Export via PhotoCopy *
  38. 3.5.7 XMP Export *
  39. 3.6 Dashboard Mode, Photosmith Version, IP Address & Sync Port
  40. 3.6.1 Eye-Fi (Import Configuration) *
  41. Eye-Fi Mobi
  42. Eye-Fi X2
  43. 3.6.2 FTP Server (Import Configuration) *
  44. 3.6.3 Lightroom (Sync Configuration) *
  45. 3.6.4 Convert Links (Tools)
  46. 3.6.5 Maintenance (Tools) *
  47. 3.6.6 Diagnostics (Tools) *
  48. 3.6.7 Welcome Wizard (Help)
  49. 3.6.8 Knowledge Base (Help)
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