2.2 Photosmith Lightroom Plugin


One of the core features of Photosmith for iPad is the ability to sync both metadata and photo files with Adobe Lightroom. To facilitate this two-way transfer of data, a free plugin for Lightroom must first be downloaded, installed and configured on your Mac or PC running Lightroom.

We've spent a lot of time and effort making the configuration of both the Lightroom plugin and Photosmith iPad app as automatic as possible. In fact, for most people, zero manual configuration is necessary!

Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements

The Photosmith for iPad app and associated Lightroom plugin are very complex. Although we've made every effort to support legacy hardware, operating systems and software, we need to establish a baseline for compatibility. The minimum requirements for hardware, operating system (Mac, Windows and iOS) and software (Lightroom) are listed at in Section 1.4 of this User Guide.  If you haven’t already, please review this section prior to purchasing Photosmith for iPad and installing the Photosmith Plugin for Lightroom, to ensure everything plays nice together.