3.5.3 Export to Flickr *

You may export photos in your Photosmith catalog to Flickr, Yahoo's popular photo hosting service.  For more information about Flickr and to sign up for a free account, visit www.flickr.com.

Prior to exporting photos to Flickr, you must first link your Flickr account to Photosmith by tapping on the Link Account button.  This will either a) launch the Flickr iOS app (if it's installed on your iPad), or b) the Safari web browser. Tap Allow to complete the linking/authentication process. Linking authorizes Photosmith permission to upload/write JPG files to your Flickr stream.

You may choose if you want your uploaded photo(s) to be seen by everyone or just friends and family, as defined by Flickr.  To view or edit your friends and family list, do so via your Flickr account settings on Flickr’s website.  If you want to make your exported photo(s) publicly visible on Flickr, tap the Publicly visible checkbox.  Otherwise, if left unchecked, your photo(s) exported to Flickr will be viewable only by friends and family.

Flickr calls photo albums "Sets." Tapping the Include in Set checkbox will give you the option to include your uploaded JPG photo(s) into a Flickr Set. Either type a new Set name in the text box, or tap the circle to the right of the text box to browse and select from a list of your already-created Flickr Sets.

You may choose to export your photo(s) to Flickr at a specific resolution, as measured by the longest edge:

  •  Small: 160 pixels
  •  Med: 640 pixels
  •  Large: 1024 pixels
  •  Max:  Full resolution of the photo stored in Photosmith’s catalog
Tapping the Send button will upload a JPG file of the selected photo(s) to Flickr.  Export to Flickr will continue to run in the background, and you may continue to use Photosmith while the export is in progress.  You may monitor the upload progress via Photosmith’s Activity Center.

Note: You may not upload the same photo more than once to Flickr. If you do, it will silently not upload, and will not overwrite an identical existing photo stored on Flickr.

 An Internet connection is required to send photos to Flickr.

3. Using the Photosmith for iPad App

  1. 3. Using the Photosmith App
  2. 3.1 Interface Overview
  3. 3.1.1 Grid View
  4. 3.1.2 Loupe View
  5. 3.1.3 Fullscreen View
  6. 3.2 QuickTag Bar
  7. 3.2.1 Photo Rotation
  8. 3.2.2 Color Labels
  9. 3.2.3 Star Ratings
  10. 3.2.4 Flags (Pick/Reject)
  11. 3.2.5 Deleting Photos in Photosmith
  12. 3.2.6 Deleting Many Photos at Once in Photos.app in iOS 7
  13. 3.3 Catalog Mode
  14. 3.3.1 Importing Photos into Photosmith
  15. Importing Photos into Photosmith from iPad Albums / Camera Roll
  16. Importing & Exporting Photos Using iTunes
  17. 3.3.2 Sync with Lightroom
  18. 3.3.3 Collections
  19. Photosmith Collections
  20. User Collections *
  21. 3.3.4 Activity Center
  22. 3.3.5 Filters Bar
  23. Filters
  24. Sort
  25. Smart Groups
  26. All, Invert, None
  27. 3.4 (Metadata) Tagging Mode
  28. 3.4.1 Adding & Editing Metadata in Tagging Mode
  29. 3.4.2 Adding, Editing & Deleting Keywords *
  30. 3.4.3 Adding, Editing & Deleting Metadata Presets *
  31. 3.5 Export Mode
  32. 3.5.1 Export to Dropbox *
  33. 3.5.2 Export to Facebook *
  34. 3.5.3 Export to Flickr *
  35. 3.5.4 Export to Email *
  36. 3.5.5 Export to iPad Album *
  37. 3.5.6 Export via PhotoCopy *
  38. 3.5.7 XMP Export *
  39. 3.6 Dashboard Mode, Photosmith Version, IP Address & Sync Port
  40. 3.6.1 Eye-Fi (Import Configuration) *
  41. Eye-Fi Mobi
  42. Eye-Fi X2
  43. 3.6.2 FTP Server (Import Configuration) *
  44. 3.6.3 Lightroom (Sync Configuration) *
  45. 3.6.4 Convert Links (Tools)
  46. 3.6.5 Maintenance (Tools) *
  47. 3.6.6 Diagnostics (Tools) *
  48. 3.6.7 Welcome Wizard (Help)
  49. 3.6.8 Knowledge Base (Help)
  50. 3.6.9 Ideas & Suggestions (Feedback)
  51. 3.6.10 Contact Us (Feedback)
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