3.5.1 Export to Dropbox *

Prior to exporting to a Dropbox share, you must first login to Dropbox.  Authentication is managed via the native Dropbox iOS app.  Please install the Dropbox app if you haven’t already done so.  An Internet connection and Dropbox account are required to configure the Export to Dropbox service in Photosmith.

Once you have authenticated with Dropbox, you will have the following options in the Export to Dropbox sidebar configuration drawer:

Destination: The folder to which you want to export your photo(s) and/or sidecar XMP metadata file.  You may either type a folder name in the text box, which will be created if it doesn't exist, or tap the circle to the right of the text box to browse through your existing Dropbox folders.

Export Photo: Check this box to export the photo(s) to Dropbox.  Photosmith can resize the photo depending on your needs.

Create XMP Sidecar:  An XMP sidecar file is a small text file containing metadata specific to each photo you’re exporting.  This can be useful if you don’t need to transfer the photo, but only the metadata associated.  Please see the workflows section for more information about specific workflows in which this is a very useful feature.

Tap the Send Photos button to begin the export to Dropbox process.  Export to Dropbox will continue to run in the background, and you may continue to use Photosmith while the export is in progress.

If XMP sidecar files already exist in a specific Dropbox folder, they will be overwritten — this helps ensure the most recent metadata is always exported.

Note: Pick and Reject flag information cannot be stored in XMP sidecar files - this is discussed in more detail in Section 3.2.4.

Using XMP Sidecar files with Lightroom

XMP sidecar files created by third-party programs like Photosmith can be read by Lightroom, but there exist a few caveats:
  • The camera raw file and XMP sidecar must have the same filenames (with different extensions).  For example: IMG_1234.cr2 and IMG_1234.xmp
  • Lightroom will only associate XMP sidecar files with camera raw files; JPG files will  not work.  This is a known limitation with Lightroom.
  • You must manually and explicitly tell Lightroom to “read” the metadata contained in the XMP sidecar file, once the XMP files have been placed  in the same directory as the camera raw photos.  To do so, in Lightroom, select Metadata from the menu bar, then select “Read Metadata from File”

Remember: Lightroom will not associate XMP sidecar metadata files with any other photo file format than camera raw.  XMP sidecars exported for JPG and TIFF files will be ignored by Lightroom.

3. Using the Photosmith for iPad App

  1. 3. Using the Photosmith App
  2. 3.1 Interface Overview
  3. 3.1.1 Grid View
  4. 3.1.2 Loupe View
  5. 3.1.3 Fullscreen View
  6. 3.2 QuickTag Bar
  7. 3.2.1 Photo Rotation
  8. 3.2.2 Color Labels
  9. 3.2.3 Star Ratings
  10. 3.2.4 Flags (Pick/Reject)
  11. 3.2.5 Deleting Photos in Photosmith
  12. 3.2.6 Deleting Many Photos at Once in Photos.app in iOS 7
  13. 3.3 Catalog Mode
  14. 3.3.1 Importing Photos into Photosmith
  15. Importing Photos into Photosmith from iPad Albums / Camera Roll
  16. Importing & Exporting Photos Using iTunes
  17. 3.3.2 Sync with Lightroom
  18. 3.3.3 Collections
  19. Photosmith Collections
  20. User Collections *
  21. 3.3.4 Activity Center
  22. 3.3.5 Filters Bar
  23. Filters
  24. Sort
  25. Smart Groups
  26. All, Invert, None
  27. 3.4 (Metadata) Tagging Mode
  28. 3.4.1 Adding & Editing Metadata in Tagging Mode
  29. 3.4.2 Adding, Editing & Deleting Keywords *
  30. 3.4.3 Adding, Editing & Deleting Metadata Presets *
  31. 3.5 Export Mode
  32. 3.5.1 Export to Dropbox *
  33. 3.5.2 Export to Facebook *
  34. 3.5.3 Export to Flickr *
  35. 3.5.4 Export to Email *
  36. 3.5.5 Export to iPad Album *
  37. 3.5.6 Export via PhotoCopy *
  38. 3.5.7 XMP Export *
  39. 3.6 Dashboard Mode, Photosmith Version, IP Address & Sync Port
  40. 3.6.1 Eye-Fi (Import Configuration) *
  41. Eye-Fi Mobi
  42. Eye-Fi X2
  43. 3.6.2 FTP Server (Import Configuration) *
  44. 3.6.3 Lightroom (Sync Configuration) *
  45. 3.6.4 Convert Links (Tools)
  46. 3.6.5 Maintenance (Tools) *
  47. 3.6.6 Diagnostics (Tools) *
  48. 3.6.7 Welcome Wizard (Help)
  49. 3.6.8 Knowledge Base (Help)
  50. 3.6.9 Ideas & Suggestions (Feedback)
  51. 3.6.10 Contact Us (Feedback)
  52. 3.6.11 Love Photosmith? (Feedback)