Service Options

To facilitate sync between Photosmith for iPad and Lightroom running on your Mac or PC, a background service must remain running while Lightroom is open.
  This service, named psahttp (Mac) or psahttp.exe (Windows) automatically starts when Lightroom is started.  Our background process, psahttp automatically shuts down when you close Lightroom. 

In order for Lightroom integration with Photosmith to occur, Photosmith’s psahttp instance needs a name and TCP port number on which to listen.  Please enter an instance name.  Under most situations, the port number won't need to be changed from its default of 8080. However, if you have another process on your Mac or PC listening on port 8080, such as a web server or TiVo To-Go, you may need to change the sync port to something else to avoid conflicts.
  • Name of this instance - This is the name of the Lightroom sync instance.  Unless you have more than one instance or Mac/Windows computer running the Photosmith Plugin for Lightroom, you won't ever need to change this.  An example of why you might have more than one instance is if you have a copystand Mac or Windows desktop machine for capture, and a different Mac or Windows machine on which you perform image and metadata processing. You should restart Lightroom after making changes to the instance name.
  • Sync Port - This is the TCP port which psahttp listens on.  You should restart Lightroom after making changes to this number.
Changes made to any of the configuration setting listed in Service Options require reloading the Photosmith Lightroom plugin by clicking the Reload Plug-in button at the bottom of the plugin configuration window, or by restarting Lightroom.

 TiVo Desktop To-Go and Port 8080

If you use TiVo Desktop software on your Mac or PC, it may interfere with the Photosmith Lightroom plugin.  Please manually select a port other than the default 8080 if you use TiVo Desktop software.  We like 8081, 8090, 8181, or 8180, etc.

 AP Isolation

If AP Isolation is enabled on the Wi-Fi access point you're connecting to, automatic discovery between your Mac or PC running Lightroom and Photosmith on your iPad won't work. For more information, please see Section 2.5.2 for a full discussion of this issue, and what configuration changes you can make on your wireless access point to allow sync to work better.