Photo Duplication

The Photosmith Plugin for Lightroom allows for many different configuration options for whatever photography workflow you might have. Rarely, Photosmith users report issues with duplicate photos being re-synced into Lightroom from Photosmith.  This can create a huge mess.  Below, we have a couple options to help keep duplicate photo messes from occurring in the first place, depending on your expected workflow.

Note: Photo Duplication settings affect only the transfer of the photo file when syncing from Photosmith to Lightroom.  Photo metadata will always sync, regardless of these settings.  Also, Photo Duplication settings do not affect photos being pushed from Lightroom to Photosmith. In essence, the Photo Duplication setting only really applies in an iPad First workflow.

  • Download via Wi-Fi, preventing missed images - Select this if you regularly need to transfer photos from Photosmith on your iPad to Lightroom on your Mac or PC.
  • Don’t download via Wi-Fi, preventing duplicates - Select this setting if you do not need to transfer photos stored in Photosmith on your iPad to Lightroom on your Mac or PC.
  • Alert me and stop sync when an image cannot be found - For the super-paranoid, we offer the ability to “stop the presses” and evaluate what is going on, should file matching not occur for any photo.  Unless you specifically need this behavior, we suggest not selecting this option, as it can cause more confusion than anything.