How do I copy photos from ShutterSnitch to Photosmith using PhotoCopy?

PhotoCopy a method of sharing files between iOS apps that we co-created with Brian Gerfort, the developer behind the fantastic ShutterSntich app.

Previously, copying photos between iOS apps would require them to be exported to Camera Roll in one app and then imported from Camera Roll by the other app - this is unnecessarily time consuming and confusing, and requires extra disk space.  It's no way to live.

Thanks to PhotoCopy, iPad's Camera Roll is no longer required as a go-between when sharing photos between apps which support PhotoCopy.

Copying photos from Shuttersnitch to Photosmith

In ShutterSnitch, select the photos you want to copy, then press the up arrow.  Select "PhotoCopy to app...":

Then select "Open in Photosmith":

Your iPad will now automatically app switch to Photosmith, and the photos selected in ShutterSnitch will be copied and imported into Photosmith's catalog:

That's it!  The full-resolution photos are now contained in the Photosmith catalog, and may be deleted in ShutterSnitch without impacting the photos stored in Photosmith.

For instructions about how to copy photos from Photosmith to other apps, and for a list of apps which support PhotoCopy, please see Section 3.5.6 of our User Guide.