2.4 Non-Required (But Very Helpful) Software (Bonjour)

For automatic discovery of your iPad running Photosmith and the Lightroom plugin, Apple's Bonjour network service is required.  Although not absolutely necessary for syncing with Lightroom, Bonjour is highly recommended.  If you do not have Bonjour installed, Photosmith’s Lightroom plugin will need to be manually configured with your iPad’s IP address, as described in Section 2.2.5.

Installing iTunes is the preferred method for installing Bonjour services on your Mac or PC. While there are some alternative methods, they are deprecated by Apple and thus not supported by Photosmith.

Note: You will not be able to initiate a sync from within Photosmith unless you have Bonjour running on your Mac or PC.  If you choose to not install and use Bonjour on your Mac or PC running Lightroom, you will need to initiate sync from within Lightroom by right-clicking on a User Collection in Photosmith’s Publish Service, and select Sync this User Collection with Photosmith.  This is discussed in Section 4.2.1.

If you previously downloaded and installed iTunes, the Bonjour network service was installed in the background automatically; no further action is necessary.