4.2.1 Starting a Sync in Lightroom

By design, sync is best managed and started from within the Photosmith for iPad app, as discussed in Section 3.3.2.  We really like the dashboard-style window having all your User Collections (and sync status) in one place.  However, if you want to start a sync in Lightroom, that’s not a problem.

Make sure Photosmith for iPad is open and your iPad is on the same Wi-Fi (or Bluetooth) network as your Mac or PC running Lightroom.

To start a sync between Lightroom and Photosmith, right-click on the User Collection you want to sync, then select “Sync this User Collection with Photosmith”:

This will cause all photos to be marked as needing to be published in Lightroom, then our plugin will quickly identify photos needing to be synced, and then transfer the photos and/or metadata so that both Photosmith and Lightroom are in perfect sync.