4.2 Photosmith Sync in Lightroom

The heart of Photosmith for iPad is it’s ability to sync photos and metadata with Adobe Lightroom on your Mac or PC.  This section discusses starting and managing sync from within Photosmith’s Lightroom plugin.  For more information about how to manage sync from within Photosmith for iPad, please see Section 3.3.2.

Note: Photosmith’s Lightroom sync is handled the same if it is initiated in Lightroom or Photosmith.  In other words, if you added new photos to a new User Collection in Lightroom, you aren’t required to start the sync in Lightroom.  You may start sync in either Lightroom or Photosmith.

In the following sections, we will talk about managing Lightroom sync from the Lightroom point-of-view.  Section 4.2.1 discusses how to start a sync between Lightroom and Photosmith from within Lightroom.   In Section 4.2.2, we talk about the Metadata Conflict dialog window, and in Section 4.3, Syncing only Keywords is discussed.