4.1 User Collections in Photosmith’s Lightroom Plugin

As referenced in Section, User Collections are an easy way to group your photos into more usable chunks.  Smaller groupings of photos are also faster and easier to sync.

In the following sections, we will discuss User Collection-specific items in the Photosmith Lightroom Plugin.

Note: The groupings of photos in Photosmith’s Publish Service, such as “Published Photos” and “Modified Photos to Re-Publish” are irrelevant, and are not a usable indicator of photos that will need to be synced or are considered up-to-date.  Again, this is a Lightroom-specific “feature” which we cannot disable.

Set as Target Collection

An often very under-utilized feature, Lightroom allows users to define a Target Collection, to which photos may quickly be added by simply pressing the “b” key in Lightroom when viewing a photo or having one or more photos selected in Grid View.  Pressing the “b” key a second time will remove it from the User Collection.

Once you set a User Collection Photosmith as a target collection, it will have a plus (+) next to it:

Now, anytime you encounter one or more photos in Lightroom that you want to add to the target collection (in the example above, “Pumpkin Picking”) all you do is press the “b” key on your keyboard.