4. Using Photosmith's Lightroom Plugin

To allow photos and metadata to sync between Photosmith for iPad and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, you must download a free plugin for Lightroom from our website.  Download (Section 2.2.1), Installation (Section 2.2.2) and Configuration (Section 2.2.3) are discussed previously in this User Guide. 

Once the Photosmith for Lightroom plugin is fully functional and a Photosmith Publish Service is created in Lightroom (Section 2.2.4), your photos and metadata can easily be synced between Photosmith and Lightroom. 

This section discusses proper usage of Photosmith’s Lightroom plugin, as viewed from the Lightroom plugin-side of things. 

Note: There exist specific options available from the right-click context sensitive menus not covered in this section.  This is on purpose: Their use is either redundant to the options we do discuss (as in the case of Edit User Collection and Rename) or simply aren’t relevant (Publish Now, Mark to Re-Publish, Import Smart Collection Settings).  Lightroom forces certain menu options in its interface, and we lack the ability to hide them.