3.3.2 Sync with Lightroom

New in Photosmith for iPad version 3.1 is an in-app Lightroom Sync window — it’s a dashboard-like display of all your User Collections in both Photosmith and Lightroom, along with the sync status and the ability to see which User Collections are up-to-date and current, and which need to be synced. We discuss the significance of User Collections with Photosmith in Section 3.3.3.

Sync Dashboard

While in Catalog Mode and Grid or Loupe Views, tap the Sync button to show the Sync with Lightroom Dashboard:

Photosmith will now search your local network (LAN) for Photosmith on your iPad.  Please make sure your Mac/PC and iPad are connected to the same LAN (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) and that your iPad is awake with Photosmith open.

If you don’t see a list of User Collection as shown below, please skip ahead to the Troubleshooting Sync, which is later in this section.

Below is what you should initially see once Photosmith successfully connects with Lightroom — you may select one or more User Collections to sync with Lightroom:

When a User Collection is selected, additional sync-specific details are shown:

If there is a potential metadata conflict, such as when metadata is modified in both Photosmith and Lightroom, you will see the following:

The default is to prompt you as each metadata conflict is encountered during sync.  However, if you want to choose a specific side to “win”, such as when running sync while away from your iPad or Lightroom computer, this option can be invaluable.

Once you’ve selected one or more User Collections to sync, tap the Sync Collections button at the top-right to begin syncing your photos and metadata with with Lightroom.

After sync has started, you can close the Sync Dashboard and allow sync to operate in the background by tapping the Dismiss button at the top right:

To display the Sync Dashboard again, either tap on the Sync button again:

Or tap on the Activity Center message about sync:

Metadata Conflict Dialog


 The metadata conflict dialog as displayed in Lightroom is discussed in Section 4.2.

Troubleshooting Sync

There are a number of situations when Photosmith is unable to sync with Lightroom, including when Photosmith and Lightroom not being on the same Wi-Fi network.  Several other causes of sync failure are discussed in Section 2.2.5.

If everything is connected and configured as we suggest and you’re still receiving a sync error, try closing the Sync Dashboard and tapping the Sync button again.  We have observed certain situations where sync occasionally cannot “see” Lightroom as expected the first time — this will be fixed through periodic updates to our Lightroom plugin.

If the Sync Dashboard still shows sync connection errors, try closing and restarting Lightroom.  There are situations where our background listening service, psahttp, doesn’t appear to work properly, especially in Mac OS X, after resuming from sleep mode.  We are working to address this issue, and in all cases, restarting Lightroom allows sync work correctly.

If you continue to have difficulty with sync, please let us know through our Support Website: http://support.photosmithapp.com — Often, it’s an easy fix by making a slight change to your Lightroom plugin or firewall settings.  Please don’t struggle with it; let our dedicated support staff give you a hand!

3. Using the Photosmith for iPad App

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