Updating Photosmith’s Lightroom Plugin from 3.0.2 to 3.1

Some of the new features included in Photosmith’s latest Lightroom plugin update means that the upgrade from plugin version 3.0.2 (and earlier) to version 3.1 isn’t as automatic as usual.  The extra steps outlined below is a one-time thing specific to this update, and will only take about 20-30 seconds total to complete.

We've created a quick one minute video to help describe the process:

It’s critical that these steps are followed when upgrading from Photosmith’s Lightroom plugin 3.0.2 and earlier to version 3.1 (and newer), so that you can take advantage of the vastly improved sync stability and new features in version 3.1.

1. Updating Photosmith’s Lightroom Plugin

In Lightroom's File -> Plugin Manager menu, select the Photosmith plugin.  Then, click the "Check for updates" button.  You should be prompted with a popup indicating that a new version is available, along with the special steps necessary for this update.  Again, these extra steps are a one-time thing, specific to updating plugin version 3.0.2 and earlier to version 3.1 (and newer).

Click the "Update Now" button - nothing will appear to happen — This is expected:

You will need to scroll down in the Photosmith plugin settings to the Plug-in Author Tools section and click the "Reload Plug-in" button:

Note: The version 3.1 Photosmith plugin for Lightroom update will only work after you click the “Reload Plug-in” button in Lightroom.  You may uninstall and delete the plugin then re-download from our website, however that’s a lot of extra unnecessary work.

Once the plugin update is completely downloaded, you will then need to RESTART Lightroom. Simply reloading the plugin a second time isn’t sufficient.

After restarting Lightroom plugin, go back to File -> Plug-in Manager… and verify that the Current Version of the plugin is 3.1.0 or newer:

2. Updating Photosmith’s Publish Services in Lightroom

After following the instructions for properly downloading and installing the plugin update in Step 1, double-click on the Photosmith Publish Service header in Lightroom:

This will display the Lightroom Publishing Manager window.

With Photosmith v3.1.0 or newer open on your iPad and connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to your Lightroom computer, click on the Photosmith Publish Service, then click on Search.  The Status should show “iPad found” and Network Status as “Ready to Sync.”  Click the Save button.  If you are prompted to republish your photos, you can safely “Leave as-is.”