5. Glossary of Terms

We have compiled a list of abbreviations and common terms used throughout this document and in the Photosmith for iPad app and Lightroom plugin.  This list is far from comprehensive, but is dynamic - we will continue to add concepts and terms.

Anti-Virus Software - Used to detect and prevent computer viruses, worms, and trojan horses. Depending the specific type of anti-virus software you have installed, it may completely prevent or unnecessarily slow down Photosmith sync with Lightroom.

Collections - A group of one or more photos; a subset of the larger Photosmith catalog.  A Photosmith Collection is like a Smart Collection in Lightroom, and is automatically updated based on specific criteria.  A User Collection is explicitly created and defined by you, the user.

Firewall - A firewall is a software program or hardware device that filters the data coming through an Internet connection into your computer system or private home or work network. If an incoming data packet is flagged by a firewall filter, it is not allowed through.

FTP - An abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol, which is a very old (but stable) way to transfer files across private local area networks (LAN) and the public Internet.

IP Address - A series of four numbers separated by a period/dot, used to identify a specific device on a LAN, WAN or public Internet.  A typical LAN IP address for your Mac, PC, or iPad is  No two devices can have the same IP address.

LAN - An abbreviation for Local Area Network, this is generally considered to be the part of your network that is behind a firewall/router.  LAN IP addresses usually begin with 192.168., 172.16., or 10.

Metadata - Although technically defined as "data about data," in practical photography terms, metadata is information about images.  Adding information to images, such as description, keywords and location where the photos were shot, can great help when organizing a mountain of photos.