4.2.2 Resolving Metadata Conflicts *

Photosmith checks your photos during sync and will warn you if the metadata has been changed in both Photosmith and Lightroom since your last sync.

"Latest wins" Logic

Photosmith’s sync with Lightroom is based on "latest wins" logic. This means during sync, if Photosmith detects the last metadata change was made in Lightroom, it will use all the metadata from Lightroom.  If the latest changes were made in Photosmith, then all the metadata from Photosmith will be used. We don't have the ability to track per-field metadata changes due to limitations in Lightroom.

This works well in most scenarios, but has a few big drawbacks:

  • Lightroom (and Photosmith) uses one date/time for all metadata. If any change is made to any field, then all the metadata is assumed to be the latest;
  • This includes any metadata or develop presets that may be applied, either in batch or during import, causing a confusing scenario; you may not have intended for your develop preset to be the latest set of metadata, so the metadata on the Photosmith side would be all overwritten in this case;
  • Clearing a field is a valid form of metadata (for example, if you wanted to remove the Copyright from a number of images). Therefore, during the sync process, data may be correctly cleared in some situations, but may appear that Lightroom or Photosmith "lost" the data.

Conflict Dialog

Because of the above issues, we've created a new, more advanced metadata conflict detection. If sync detects an inconsistency between the Lightroom and Photosmith metadata last update timestamp, and can't be sure which one is the one you want, it will politely ask.

You have option to choose the Photosmith or Lightroom version of the metadata, or you can bail on the sync all-together so that you can look into the conflict in more detail.

Choosing to apply this setting to all conflicts will cause the same logic (Photosmith or Lightroom version chosen) to be applied to any other conflicts for the remainder of the current sync. Future syncs will again prompt you for your input if a metadata conflict is again detected.

As of Photosmith version 3.1, this metadata conflict dialog is also shown in the Photosmith app for iPad — the choice to use Lightroom or Photosmith metadata may be made in either Lightroom or Photosmith. 

We talk about the metadata conflict dialog in Photosmith for iPad in Section 3.3.2.