Eye-Fi X2

 Prior to configuring an Eye-Fi X2 card in Photosmith, you must:
This all may seem a little counterintuitive, but please trust us and follow the instructions below in the exact order as presented.

For Eye-Fi X2 cards, the most important piece of the puzzle is the Card Upload Key - this is a sequence of numbers and lowercase letters that is unique to your specific Eye-Fi X2 card.  The Card Upload Key is automatically generated and remembered by the Eye-Fi Center software.

The Card Upload Key is then automatically transferred from your Mac or PC to Photosmith on your iPad via our Lightroom Plugin, during Eye-Fi configuration in Photosmith.  If the initial configuration in Eye-Fi Center software doesn’t occur, Photosmith won’t be able to fetch the Card Upload Key from your Mac or PC.

Below is a quick start guide for configuring your Eye-Fi X2 card using the Eye-Fi Center software.  We discuss the most important configuration items for most users.  For a full discussion of each option within the Eye-Fi Center software, please consult Eye-Fi’s online documentation: http://support.eye.fi/cards/start/install-eye-fi-center

Card Installation

Once logged into Eye-Fi Center and your Eye-Fi X2 card is plugged into to your Mac or PC, you should see the icon below, indicating the Eye-Fi card is attached and recognized by Eye-Fi Center.  Click on the Gear icon graphic to the left of the eject/remove icon; this will allow you to open the configuration section of the Eye-Fi Center software:

Network Setup

In the Eye-Fi Settings window, to add Wi-Fi Access Points with which your Eye-Fi X2 card should associate with and join when available, click Networks -> Private Networks, then select one or more Wi-Fi network(s):

If you want Eye-Fi to automatically create its own Wi-Fi network if one cannot be found, for example when you're in the field on a shoot without an Access Point, click on the Networks tab, then the Direct Mode tab, and click the When no known Wi-Fi networks are in range, start the Direct Mode network checkbox to enable.  We suggest 4 minutes for both Direct Mode options:

Photos Setup

In the Photos tab of the Eye-Fi Settings window, click on the Computer tab, and select the Upload photos to this computer checkbox:

This might seem completely counterintuitive, but it’s actually the correct configuration for getting an Eye-Fi X2 card to upload to Photosmith.  Please trust us on this.

RAW Setup


Transfer Mode Setup
  • In the Transfer Mode tab, click on the Selective Transfer tab, and select Automatic:

  • While you’re still in the Transfer Tab, click the Relayed Transfer tab, and ensure the Enable Relayed Transfer for ‘Eye-Fi’ is unchecked.  If you're having trouble unchecking Relayed Transfer, make sure you have also unchecked Hotspots, Geotagging, and Eye-Fi View:

  • And while you’re in Transfer Tab, click the Endless Memory tab, and make sure Enable Endless Memory is unchecked:

Save Your Configuration Changes

To save your configuration changes, don’t forget to click the Save button, then click the "X" in the upper left-hand corner of the Eye-Fi Settings window.

You may now quit to close the Eye-Fi Center software.

Disable Auto-Start of Eye-Fi Helper

After configuring your Eye-Fi X2 card on your Mac or PC using Eye-Fi Center software, it is very important to turn off and disable Eye-Fi Center and Eye-Fi Helper applications. The Eye-Fi Helper application is a small program that runs in the background of your Mac or PC, and is designed to receive photos from your Eye-Fi X2 card. However, you don't want Eye-Fi Helper on your Mac or PC to receive photos, you want Photosmith on your iPad to receive photos!  Thus, you must disable Eye-Fi Helper so that it doesn’t “steal” photos from Photosmith.

If you're using a Mac, click on the Eye-Fi Helper menubar icon and uncheck Auto-Start Eye-Fi Helper so that it doesn't turn itself back on the next time you reboot.

Then, select Quit to close the Eye-Fi Helper entirely.  You may always launch Eye-Fi Center from your Applications folder to reconfigure your Eye-Fi X2 card at any time. However, be aware that if you see the Eye-Fi Helper icon in your OS X Menu Bar, your photos will not be transferred to Photosmith on your iPad.

Configuring Eye-Fi X2 in Photosmith 

Before configuring
Eye-Fi X2 in Photosmith, you must make sure the following are true:
  • Your Eye-Fi X2 card was configured on your Mac or PC using the Eye-Fi Center software, per the previous instructions.
  •  Photosmith’s Lightroom plugin is installed (Section 2.2.2) and properly configured (Section 2.2.3), and a Photosmith Publish Service (Section 2.2.4) is created and linked to Photosmith on your iPad.
Once the steps above are completed, you may configure Eye-Fi X2 in Photosmith by:
  • Ensure Lightroom is open on your Mac or PC, and is connected to the same internal network (LAN) as your iPad.
  • In Photosmith, tap Dashboard -> Eye-Fi:

  • For Card Type, tap the X2 button:

  • If your Eye-Fi X2 card was properly configured using Eye-Fi Center software, and your iPad is connected to the same internal network (LAN) as your Lightroom Mac or PC, you will see the message: A card upload key was detected
  • Tap the Greater-Than icon to display the Eye-Fi X2 Card Upload key:

  • Now, tap the checkbox to the left of the string of letters and numbers of your X2 card:

  • The Card Upload Key should now show the long strong of letters and numbers instead of all 0’s:

  • Tap the Enabled button to start the Eye-Fi service within Photosmith.  The Status should now say Running. Tap the Continue to run when app exits checkbox to receive Eye-Fi photos for up to three minutes after Photosmith is closed.  This is a limit imposed by Apple.

Your Eye-Fi X2 card is now configured to wirelessly send photos from your camera directly into Photosmith’s catalog.

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