Importing & Exporting Photos Using iTunes

For users without Lightroom or who prefer to send photos to iPad via USB cable rather than wireless, you may do so using File Sharing in iTunes — however there are significant compromises associated with this workflow.

Please note that we find that for general use, it’s far easier and just as fast to sync with Lightroom via Wi-Fi — any speed advantages associated with transferring photos through the wired USB connection are negated by the inability to sync metadata and additional processing time required when photos are processed on iPad.

Navigating to Photosmith’s File Sharing in iTunes

Connect your iPad to your Mac or PC and start iTunes; you should see the screen below.  Click on Apps

Then, after clicking on the Apps tab, scroll down to the File Sharing section - you will see Photosmith listed, and a few folders listed.

Sending Photos from iTunes to Photosmith

To upload photos to Photosmith, either drag them into the Photosmith Documents column (it’s not necessary to target the “uploads” folder), or click the Add… button to browse to a location on your hard drive:

Note: A limitation with iTunes is that it doesn’t support folders when using File Sharing.  If you want to add photos from more than one folder, you will need to do this one at a time, or use the far easier method of Lightroom sync.

After photos are added, you should receive a prompt the next time you start Photosmith, asking you to Import, Delete, or Not Now — you should choose to Import the photos into Photosmith.

If you have more than one folder to import, you must add photos one folder at a time, then import into Photosmith.  iTunes does not support uploading multiple folders.  Filename collisions won’t occur as long as you Add… then Import.

Transferring Photos from Photosmith to your Mac or PC using iTunes

To download photos from Photosmith using iTunes, click on the “Photos” folder, and either drag it to your desktop or click the Save to… button to prompt for a download location.  Only imports sent to Photosmith via iTunes, FTP or Eye-Fi are available for downloading through iTunes.  Photos synced from Lightroom to Photosmith cannot be transferred to a Mac or PC using iTunes File Sharing.

3. Using the Photosmith for iPad App

  1. 3. Using the Photosmith App
  2. 3.1 Interface Overview
  3. 3.1.1 Grid View
  4. 3.1.2 Loupe View
  5. 3.1.3 Fullscreen View
  6. 3.2 QuickTag Bar
  7. 3.2.1 Photo Rotation
  8. 3.2.2 Color Labels
  9. 3.2.3 Star Ratings
  10. 3.2.4 Flags (Pick/Reject)
  11. 3.2.5 Deleting Photos in Photosmith
  12. 3.2.6 Deleting Many Photos at Once in Photos.app in iOS 7
  13. 3.3 Catalog Mode
  14. 3.3.1 Importing Photos into Photosmith
  15. Importing Photos into Photosmith from iPad Albums / Camera Roll
  16. Importing & Exporting Photos Using iTunes
  17. 3.3.2 Sync with Lightroom
  18. 3.3.3 Collections
  19. Photosmith Collections
  20. User Collections *
  21. 3.3.4 Activity Center
  22. 3.3.5 Filters Bar
  23. Filters
  24. Sort
  25. Smart Groups
  26. All, Invert, None
  27. 3.4 (Metadata) Tagging Mode
  28. 3.4.1 Adding & Editing Metadata in Tagging Mode
  29. 3.4.2 Adding, Editing & Deleting Keywords *
  30. 3.4.3 Adding, Editing & Deleting Metadata Presets *
  31. 3.5 Export Mode
  32. 3.5.1 Export to Dropbox *
  33. 3.5.2 Export to Facebook *
  34. 3.5.3 Export to Flickr *
  35. 3.5.4 Export to Email *
  36. 3.5.5 Export to iPad Album *
  37. 3.5.6 Export via PhotoCopy *
  38. 3.5.7 XMP Export *
  39. 3.6 Dashboard Mode, Photosmith Version, IP Address & Sync Port
  40. 3.6.1 Eye-Fi (Import Configuration) *
  41. Eye-Fi Mobi
  42. Eye-Fi X2
  43. 3.6.2 FTP Server (Import Configuration) *
  44. 3.6.3 Lightroom (Sync Configuration) *
  45. 3.6.4 Convert Links (Tools)
  46. 3.6.5 Maintenance (Tools) *
  47. 3.6.6 Diagnostics (Tools) *
  48. 3.6.7 Welcome Wizard (Help)
  49. 3.6.8 Knowledge Base (Help)
  50. 3.6.9 Ideas & Suggestions (Feedback)
  51. 3.6.10 Contact Us (Feedback)
  52. 3.6.11 Love Photosmith? (Feedback)