2.5 Networking

Photosmith for iPad syncs with Lightroom through your Local Area Network (LAN).  Photosmith cannot sync with Lightroom through the public Internet, or via USB cable.

In most situations, discovery between Photosmith’s Lightroom plugin and iPad app is automatic and no manual intervention is necessary beyond initial configuration, as discussed in Sections 2.2.3 (Lightroom Plugin Preferences) and 2.2.4 (Creating & Configuring Photosmith's Publish Service in Lightroom).

However, in certain circumstances, manual configuration of Lightroom’s Publish Service may be necessary - such as manually defining your iPad’s IP address and sync port.  Manual IP address configuration is discussed in Section 2.2.5 (Manually configuring Photosmith’s Publish Service in Lightroom).

Firewalls and anti-virus software packages can sometimes get in the way of automatic discovery between the Photosmith plugin for Lightroom and iPad app and/or cause sync to be much slower than normal.

In Sections 2.5.1 and 2.5.2, we talk about firewall software (on your Mac or PC) and hardware (a physical box which you connect network wires into), respectively.

In Section 2.5.3, we discuss the effects that anti-virus software can have on Lightroom sync performance.