Plugin Version, Check for Updates, Plugin Log File

At the top of Photosmith’s Lightroom Plug-in Manager settings is the
Current Version of the plugin you have, and button to Check for updates.

Note: Photosmith’s Lightroom plugin automatically checks for updates when you first start Lightroom, and will prompt you if an update is available.  After the plugin has been updated, you should close and restart Lightroom so the plugin can reload.

There are two buttons relating to Photosmith’s Lightroom plugin logging: View Log and Clear Log:
  • View Log - Launches a Finder Window (Mac) or Windows Explorer (Windows) directing you to the location of the plugin log file.
  • Clear Log - In Photosmith’s Lightroom plugin version 3.0 and newer, the plugin log file is automatically trimmed to 5MB in size when Lightroom is first started.  Under normal circumstances, it shouldn’t be necessary to click the Clear Log button.
The Photosmith Support Team will likely request your plugin log file to help diagnose any sync-related issues you might have.  The plugin log file lives in your Documents (Mac) or My Documents (Windows) folder, and should be sent as-is as an email attachment upon request.

Please visit Section 1.6.1 for more information about sending your plugin log file to the Photosmith Support Team to help diagnose any sync-related issues you might have.