1.8.2 iPad First

There are a few different ways to import photos directly onto your iPad first - Doing so can be extremely useful if you want to review photos in the field during or immediately after a shoot.

The Lightroom plugin settings denoted in Section - Photo Duplication apply specifically to an iPad First workflow.  Please ensure that “Download via Wi-Fi” is checked so that your photos in Photosmith are correctly sent to Lightroom during the initial sync.

Methods for Importing photos directly into Photosmith

These are preferred because it requires the fewest number of steps and uses the least amount of iPad storage space.
  • Eye-Fi
  • FTP

Methods of Importing photos into Apple’s Photos.app

Not preferred, but is sometimes unavoidable, depending on your camera’s hardware.  Requires a few extra steps to import images into Photosmith, and can double the amount of storage space required on iPad.
  •  Camera Connection Kit (CCK)
It is slightly counter-intuitive, but using wireless import options (Eye-Fi, FTP) when using an iPad First workflow to import photos directly into Photosmith can actually be faster than wired.

All third-party apps (including Photosmith) are not able to directly access the iPad’s 30-pin / lightening USB dock connector.  This means that any photo import or export using the USB connector, including the Camera Connection Kit, must use Photos.app and iPad Albums/Camera Roll.  Yes, we find this as extremely frustrating as you do, and it’s why sync with Lightroom is strictly performed via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.  We encourage you to politely let Apple know your thoughts about this limitation via this feedback form: http://www.apple.com/feedback/ipad.html