1.2.1 A Quick Note for the Impatient

If you’re the type of person to skip the User Manual and dig right into things, congratulations on making it this far!

You can likely use the Photosmith for iPad app without reading this User Guide in its entirety — we designed Photosmith with intuitiveness and easy discovery of features in mind.  However, if you get stuck, look for and tap on the small information icons scattered throughout Photosmith for iPad:  is the icon we use.  When connected to the Internet, these icons will lead you to context-specific help to give you a hand with what (we think) you’re trying to do, based on where you are in the app.  There are also “Help” links in our Lightroom Plug-in Manager and Publish Service settings to help you along your way.

If you’re not completely adverse to reading instructions, it’s suggested you read through at least two configuration sections of this User Guide: Setting up Photosmith’s Lightroom plugin and the Photosmith Publish Service, both discussed in Section 2.2. Initial setup of the Lightroom plugin isn’t completely intuitive for the first-time user, and you will likely save yourself a few minutes of grief by following our lead.

Another area we find is a point of pain for many first time users is initial Eye-Fi X2 setup, as discussed in Section  It’s a real pain.  However, if you follow our guide step-by-step, you’ll get through it.

Otherwise, if you want to jump right in, we suggest you skip ahead to Section 1.8: Digital Photography Workflows.  It's best to identify the digital photography workflow you feel best fits your expected use, and give it a quick review so you know what to expect.  The Workflows section will also give you quick links to relevant information scattered throughout this User Guide, specific to your workflow.