2.2.5 Manual Configuration of Photosmith's Publish Service in Lightroom

In certain situations, Photosmith’s Lightroom plugin cannot automatically find your iPad running Photosmith.  Often, this is the result of something actively preventing network discovery or data transfer from occurring.  Below are several possible causes, and the section of this User Guide where we address each:

  • Apple’s Bonjour isn’t installed on Lightroom Mac or PC (Section 2.4)
  • Software firewall running on your Mac or PC without an exemption for psahttp and/or the sync port (Section 2.5.1)
  • AP Isolation is enabled on your hardware firewall router (Section 2.5.2)
  • Anti-virus software on your Mac or PC isn’t allowing Photosmith’s background service (psahttp) and/or information to transfer on the sync port (Section 2.5.3)

 Manual Configuration

In some cases, a manual connection between Photosmith’s Publish Service in Lightroom and Photosmith on iPad is the only way for sync to work - Luckily, this is very easy to accomplish.

In Photosmith, tap on Dashboard Mode, and look for the series of numbers just above the Dashboard icon, shown below:

Remember this number, it is the IP address of your iPad, and the sync port, separated by a colon (:).

In Photosmith’s Publish Service configuration in Lightroom, click on the Manual network button, and type in the IP address and sync port of your iPad.  Then click on the Establish Communication button, as shown:

The Network Status should now say Ready to Sync and show the last known Lightroom sync date, total number of Photos, User Collections and Keywords in your Photosmith catalog.

Note: Occasionally, a manual Publish Service connection between Lightroom and Photosmith on iPad will break if your iPad obtains a different IP address from your local network (LAN) address (DHCP) server.  If your manually-configured Publish Service connection stops working, please check your iPad’s IP Address, and verify it matches your Publish Service settings.