3.2.5 Deleting Photos in Photosmith

Deleting photos in Photosmith for iPad is easy!

Select one or more photos in Grid View that you wish to delete. To select all photos in Grid View, swipe up on the QuickTag Bar, then tap the All button.

If you are in Loupe or Fullscreen Views, the currently displayed photo will be used:

Tap the Trash Can icon to show the delete window.

 In the Delete Photos popup window, the left-hand column shows selected photos by type:
  • Synced: The metadata in Photosmith hasn’t been changed since the last sync.  These photos may be considered redundant to what’s in your master Lightroom catalog. Deleting these photos in Photosmith is not considered destructive unless you also delete these photos in Lightroom.
  •  Linked: Photos which are linked to original source photo in Apple’s Photos.app.  Third-party apps like Photosmith do not have permission to delete images in Photos.app. Image(s) in this section will only have the rendered thumbnail version in Photosmith deleted, but the source image(s) in Photos.app will remain.  You must manually delete the source image(s) in Photos.app, using Photos.app or a tethered delete.
  • Unsynced: Photos which have no known duplicates in Lightroom.  Be very careful when deleting photos in this category, as data loss may occur.

The total number of photos selected is shown in the lower right-hand corner of the delete popup window. The total number of photos for each delete type is also shown, in real time, as well as how much disk space they take up in the Photosmith storage sandbox.

In the Delete Photos popup window, you can further refine which photos will be deleted, by browsing through the grid interface and selecting or deselecting photos by tapping on their thumbnail.  You may also use the Smart Groups slider located at the bottom of the delete popup window, or the All, Invert, None buttons.

Once you are OK with the selected photos pending deletion, tap the Delete button in the upper right-hand corner of the Delete Photos popup window.  Photosmith will delete all photos and associated metadata from its catalog. Tapping the Close button (upper left-hand side of the delete popup window) will cancel any pending deletes.

The Delete Photos popup window must remain in the foreground while photos are deleted from the Photosmith catalog.  Delete cannot occur in the background.

Managing Pending Deletes Using Reject Flag

Photosmith does not sync deletes - that is to say, if a photo is deleted in Photosmith, it will not also be deleted in Lightroom during the next sync.  To help manage photos which are pending delete, we strongly suggest using the Reject Flag, as discussed in Section 3.2.4.

Undelete & Recovery of Deleted Photos

There is no way to undo a delete in Photosmith.  When you delete a photo, it’s a one-way trip.  However, it is highly unlikely that deleting photos in Photosmith will result in the complete loss of a data.  

Note: If you imported a photo from your iPad's Album/Camera Roll, the source photo will still be in your iPad's Album/Camera Roll, unless you deleted it from there as well. Likewise, if you synced a photo from Lightroom, the master/original will still be in your Lightroom catalog, unless you deleted it there as well.  If you import photos into Photosmith via Eye-Fi or FTP, the source photo would also need to be deleted on the camera card, either explicitly or by formatting the flash card.  Are you seeing a pattern?  Deleting the source photo file must also occur for deletes in Photosmith to result in loss of your photos.

The following are the only scenarios where deleting photos in Photosmith will result in the loss of the photo:
  • Imported from Camera Roll / iPad Albums - You manually delete the source photo in Photos.app.  Photosmith does not modify or delete images in Apple's Photos.app.
  • Imported from iTunes - You manually delete the source photo in Lightroom.
  • Synced from Lightroom - You manually delete the source photo on your Mac or PC’s hard drive in Finder or Windows Explorer, or in Lightroom.  Photosmith does not propagate deletes during sync with Lightroom.
  • Imported via Eye-Fi - You also deleted the photo on your Eye-Fi card, or format the card.
  • Imported via FTP - You also deleted the source photo on the device from which your image was sent through FTP.
You must always make at least one additional delete outside of Photosmith for data loss to occur.  Thus, we consider accidental loss of photos unlikely.

3. Using the Photosmith for iPad App

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