1.4.1 Minimum Requirements: Hardware

The minimum hardware required to operate Photosmith for iPad is:
  • iPad1
If you wish to import camera raw photos into Photosmith for iPad wired via Apple’s Camera Connection Kit (CCK) or wireless via Eye-Fi or FTP, you will need a compatible camera.  We maintain a constantly updated list of supported camera raw file formats and camera models supporting Eye-Fi and FTP on our website:

You will need Apple’s Camera Connection Kit (CCK), available directly from Apple or from an Apple Authorized Retailer, to import photos onto iPad via a wired connection.  Importing photos via the wired CCK requires you to first import photos into Apple’s Photos.app, and then import photos into Photosmith.  For a full discussion about this requirement and other quirks about the iPad First Workflow for Photosmith, please see Section 1.8.2.

The CCK can either load photos via a USB cable connected directly to your camera, or to a Secure Digital (SDHC) card used by your camera to store photos.  Although Apple only offers an SD card or USB solution, a number of third-party products exist which accept Compact Flash (CF) cards.  Search amazon.com or eBay.com for more details of available CF-based CCK readers.

You may also use the Eye-Fi Connect X2 or Mobi lines of Wi-Fi enabled Secure Digital (SDHC) cards to send photos wirelessly from your camera directly to Photosmith, bypassing the Apple’s Photos.app and Camera Roll entirely.  We highly suggest using this workflow if at all possible - Please visit Section 3.6.1 for Eye-Fi Configuration instructions.

Photosmith also supports importing photos directly via FTP from cameras or other network devices.  If you have a Wi-Fi FTP grip for your camera, there’s a very good chance it supports FTP, which is in turn, supported by Photosmith!  FTP Configuration is discussed in Section 3.6.2.