1.3 Scope of This User Guide

In this User Guide, we discuss all features and configuration options in the version of the Photosmith for iPad app (Section 3) and Lightroom Plugin (Section 2.2).  We also talk about some of the more popular digital photography workflows and integration with Mac and PC software.  However, although Photosmith tightly integrates with many software and hardware workflows, we cannot possibly test and document each and every scenario.

If you use Photosmith for iPad with a Mac and/or PC software package other than Lightroom, we would love to hear from you!  Please contact us at http://support.photosmithapp.com to discuss your use case, and how you integrate the Photosmith ecosystem into your digital photography workflow.

Note: Features and options discussed in this User Guide relate to the current public version of the Photosmith for iPad app and Lightroom plugin, as specified on the first page of this document.  If something isn’t working as expected, please make sure you have the most recent version, as we are constantly working to improve workflow efficiency and fix bugs.