1.2 Approach

This User Guide is presented in order of download, configuration, then usage of a first-time Photosmith user.

In Section 2.1, we jump right in with the download and installation of the Photosmith for iPad app from the Apple App Store, then in Section 2.2, download and configuration of the Photosmith plugin for Lightroom.

Once the Photosmith for iPad app and Lightroom plugin are installed and properly configured, we will walk you through a tour of how to use the Photosmith for iPad app in Section 3.  In Section 4, we discuss using Photosmith’s Lightroom plugin.

For many users just getting started with Photosmith or who are considering Photosmith for iPad, we highly suggest jumping right to Section 1.8: Digital Photography Workflows.  It’s a brief review at how the Photosmith mobile digital photography platform might benefit your specific workflow needs, based on how you already shoot, process and manage your digital photography collection.