1.1 Introduction & Pre-Purchase

We designed the Photosmith for iPad app to completely integrate and complement existing digital photography workflows and systems, such as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Bridge or any other IPTC-based metadata viewing and editing software, FTP and Eye-Fi based wireless camera transfers, and software and hardware using an FTP client for file transfers. If some or all of these terms are foreign to you, don't worry - we will discuss it all in detail throughout this User Guide.  

For additional assistance with understanding key terms and concepts discussed throughout this User Guide, we’ve included a Glossary of Terms in Section 5.

Expanded examples of what we cover in this guide and frequently asked questions are also available at our Knowledge Base: http://support.photosmithapp.com.

To stay current with news and development of Photosmith for iPad app and Lightroom plugin, check out our blog at http://www.photosmithapp.com/index.php/blog.  We also post frequent updates via the social medias: