Lightroom Preview Extraction

As of Photosmith 3, previews already rendered in Lightroom may be used when performing an initial sync of photos from Lightroom to Photosmith on your iPad, with a couple caveats:

  •  Lightroom previews must be sufficient-enough resolution
  •  Lightroom previews must be “recent”
 To make the best use of Lightroom previews, we strongly suggest:
  •  Always rendering 1:1 previews in Lightroom, especially prior to an initial photo sync
  •  In Lightroom’s Catalog Settings -> File Handling:
  •  Standard Preview Size is set to “2880 pixels"
  •  Preview Quality is set to “High”

Note: In certain situations, specific photos synced from Lightroom to Photosmith for iPad may be incorrectly rotated in Photosmith.  If you experience this issue, please uncheck the Use Lightroom previews when available checkbox in Photosmith’s plugin configuration, then sync again.  With this box unchecked, all photos will be synced correctly, but sync will take a little longer because photo rendering will be done on-the-fly during sync.  This is an issue we will address in a future version of our Lightroom plugin.